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Comments: Custom Order Items


I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the kiltie you made for our daughter. She is small but needed extra length and the result was a perfect fit. I had spoken with another company several times and felt uneasy with every conversation. From the first second I spoke with Mary Beth, she was helpful, knowledgeable, and certain of how and when the order would be completed. A pleasure!

— Angela Clendenin - Apex, NC

The beginner kilt I ordered for my daughter is beautifully made and an excellent value. She was so proud to have her own kilt in a family tartan to wear at her dance competition at Macalester College.

— Jennifer Gobel - West St. Paul, MN

I placed a short notice order for a Prince Charlie Jacket for my husband shortly before XMas. The lady on your staff whom I spoke with was courteous, knowledgeable, very professional, and was a great help in selecting the correct size. Very fair price, too. The jacket arrived much before XMas... my husband was thrilled. The quality was excellent - you made our XMas!! Thanks so much.

— LaVonne Kincaid- Lake Geneva, WI

Beginner Kilt:
Due to unexpected circumstances, we needed a kilt in a hurry. You were so helpful in making sure we got just what we needed, when we needed it. Thank you for all your help and excellent service.

— Name Withheld -

I know when I call Highland X Press that I'll talk to someone knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant. I trust Mary Beth to give me fair and honest answers to my questions. Thank you for your great service and excellent products.

— Jennifer Evans - Cary, NC

I'm glad we allowed plenty of lead time due to what was a situation beyond our control, & happy the hose arrived in time. Thank you for your help & concern. The hose are beautifully made & look so professional.

— Hope Olson - Arvada, CO

As a competitive Highland dancer and performer it is difficult to find quality items for costuming as well as finding someone knowledgeable enough to help guide the customer in their specific needs. Highland X Press has gone above and beyond in ordering assistance and product knowledge!

— Warring Cushing - Woodbridge  VA

This is our first custom order... All of the items we have purchased through Highland X Press have arrived well before the time limit. The items have been well handled also. The staff has been very helpful and courteous. Thank you so much.

— Leslie Meena - Columbus, OH

You have a nice catalog and friendly customer service department. The tartan hose fit just right!

— Sonja Devaney - Mead, WA

I have ordered many times from Highland X Press, from my first pair of ghilles to most recently, tartan hose and have always been impressed with the quality of the merchandise. The staff is always enthusiastic to help you and the service is quick. I'm so glad my dance teacher recommended you - I would never think of ordering from anyone else! PS - Thank you - the hose are beautiful and look wonderful with the kilt!

— Kim Tupper - Woodbridge, VA

The kilt hose look great & really fit! April is thrilled to finally have hose to match her dancer's outfit. Thank you for the very speedy service - The hose were ready before we knew it.

— Heather Hime - Centerville, OH

About three weeks ago I contacted Highland XPress to make an inquiry about socks for my daughter's new kilt (which I also ordered and received in record time). The price quoted was fantastic so I went ahead and ordered them then settled back for the long wait. However, much to my amazement, the socks were in my mailbox within weeks! Never in my life have I heard of such a thing! Socks generally cost an arm and a leg and require almost 2-3 months to make. The socks are gorgeous, fit like a glove, and were by far the best price I've ever encountered. If you order from HXP you are familiar with the outstanding service and attention to detail MB gives to every order. But as far as I'm concerned, she walks on water!!!

— Tracey Fairlie - Knoxville, Tn.

The decision to buy a kilt for our dancing daughter was a big one for our family. We are fairly new to Highland Dancing, so after searching the web, we were unsure who we could trust with this importance purchase. A more knowledgable friend recommended Highland X Press, and we have been pleased with the results.
It was comforting to be able to talk with HXP... and was kept informed every step of the way. When we received the kilt and kilt hose, they were perfect. Our daughter is very proud of her new kilt... and we have been asked by numerous people where we got it. Of course we were happy to tell them.
We give Highland X Press the highest recommendation.

— Pat Venable - Piedmont, Oklahoma

Mary Beth went out of her way to help me obtain tartan swatches for a quilting project that my wife and I are doing for my mother. Even though my order did not involve a lot of money, I was treated as a valued customer. I will definitely consider Highland X Press for future business..

— Mike Duell - Phoenix, Arizona

I was asked if I could help officiate at a man's funeral. Although I didn't know this man, I was asked because he was Scottish. The church thought it would be nice to have me wear my kilt with my clerical collar shirt, and carry his ashes down the aisle while someone played "Amazing Grace".

We couldn't find a piper on short notice, so we used a tape instead. The man had planned out his whole funeral. His family lived in Maine, and the funeral was to be video taped and mailed to them with the ashes. Before he died, he asked his mother if she could send him a piece of their tartan cloth to use on the altar to cover the communion plate. His mother sent a piece of fabric too small to use, so the church scrapped the idea.

I didn't even know the full name of this man until I arrived at the church for the funeral, only knew him by his first name. When I walked into the sanctuary wearing the full kilt, the pastor, associate pastor, and everyone involved in the funeral just stopped and stared at me. I thought it was because of me wearing my kilt. Then some began weeping. The pastor then told me I was wearing the man's family tartan. His last name was Bean, of the MacBean Clan. I was officiating at the funeral of a member of my own Clan.

I've never believed in coincidences. Here I've played around with the idea of getting a kilt, but didn't know anyone, then you move to Kansas City, and send me email, and I choose you. We have the kilt made and less than a month after I get it, I am standing at a pulpit helping bury a fellow clansman. So you had a part in helping this man's family with their grief and pride in their son. Thank You.

— Ben Buckles - Topeka, KS

I just received my Black Stewart kilt and love it. It looks very sharp - it was very well made. In fact, I will probably order another kilt soon for the band I play in.

— James Mitchell, Scottish Rogues - Houston, TX

Very pleased in the coordination and service regarding my kilt. Will pass this on to others.

Ronald R. Ford - Kansas City, Missouri



Comments: Service & Customer Relations


One of the easiest Highland sites to navigate. I especially appreciate the description of shoes!

— Jeannie Whited - Centerville, VA

Keep up your excellent customer service!

— Steven M. Fulda - Madison, NJ

Web Page: Nice flow from page to page, not loaded with unnecessary graphics which can slow down a computer. It's well kept and updated. It shows that you care about your dancers and it's not just another business. No matter how busy you are, you always make time to answer any questions we have or address concerns to ensure the best purchase for us. Your thoughtfulness and experience is always a plus. Although we have never met face to face we know we can always count on you for assistance!

— Vickie McKay -

Excellent quality & service. Web site very attractive and easy to use. I have always found what I was looking for when I use your web page. Thank you for being helpful and prompt.

— C. Diane Schwartzmann - Mesa, AZ

...Excellent quality & service. Very helpful ordering. Great prices!

— Sally Bush - Orlando, FL

Very nice web page and informative. Very polite and professional. Hope to do business again in the near future.

— Dean Batchelor - Laurenburg, NC

Great service! Very impressive. Love the merchandise!

— Andrew Redmon - Wilmore, KY

I can't believe the service - it was unequaled!

— K. Johnson - Endicott, NY

Fantastic web page. It's nice to see a site that's actually up to date. I have worked with a great number of vendors and you are one of the select few who seem truly customer oriented. I always come away from the phone or Internet site with a warm feeling. You make outfitting our family of 13 a much less traumatic experience!

— Lynette Taylor - Payson, UT

Thanks so much for the outstanding customer service. I appreciate your phone call regarding my order... Your competitors could learn a thing or three from you...

— Dave Ramanauskas - Cheshire, CT

Web page is ... wonderfully done and gets you to where you need to be. I am amazed at how quick your turnaround time is. This was the only place I could find the book I needed.

— Alexandra Partington - Mount Tabor, NJ

A pleasure doing business with you. You exceeded all my expectations.

— Jeffery Jenkins - Aurora, Colorado

Very friendly helpful staff! Order was filled with care, & arrived promptly. I look forward to doing business with you again.

— Toney Gausewitz - Antelope, California

Great to use by email. Very easy. Returns go smoothly

— Sandra Everson - Madison, WI

Your service was fast. You were very pleasant to deal with and very accomadating. I have recommended your company to other mothers... and have given your number out. Thanks again!

— Diane Stevens - Street, MD

I think it's great you even have a web page. I especially like being able to shop the used merchandise. Very helpful for dance parents.

— Heidi Muma - Oro Valley, AZ

Your web page is well put together. Information helpful. Extremely appealing. Doing a great job!!

— Shayna Ange - Boise, ID

Boy, when you say "x-press", you really mean "express". ...Your service is excellent.

— Reuel Zielke - Miwaukee, WI

Thank you for being so helpful and polite. I was impresses at how fast my order came.

— Virginia Murray - Ohio

I have just begun dealing with Highland X Press and am very impressed with helpfulness and promptness.

— Mary Berrie - Sea bright, NJ

" My first order from Highland X Press arrived within a couple of days, and I was so pleased with the quality of everything in it. The items were nicer than I pictured them. Haven’t always had good luck ordering shoes through a catalog, but yours fit perfectly...."

— Violet McIntyre - Daytona Beach, FL

You were very helpful over the telephone, and I was very happy with the items that I ordered. ...very thoughtful!

— Judith Sullivan - Keene, NH

I was very impressed by the speed in which my order was processed. I ordered late in the year, but still received my order in time to put under the tree. Thanks for being a company with integrity. I will certainly recommend you to others.

— Shelly Hannum - Galloway, OH

I have had nothing but superior service and merchandise from Highland X Press. Always helpful. A joy to do business with.

— Kathy Cunningham - Franklin, TN

Were just getting started, but will use Highland X Press for future needs. Mary Beth has been more than helpful and informative about the best products for our needs.

— Gina Gill - Wentzville, MO

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service in sending my daughter's vest buttons. As always it's a pleasure dealing with Highland X Press.

— Beth MacDonald - Sonoma, CA

Mary Beth, I want to thank you for the excellent service and also for the high quality merchandise. I have really enjoyed doing business with you. I'll be in touch for further orders.

Katherine Alexander - Los Lunas, New Mexico

The photos of jewelry could be more distinct. As always you are very thorough in answering questions in an easy & understandable way. You business manner is excellent. I cannot compliment you enough in that area.

— Doris M. LaVille - Granite City, IL

Thank you for your prompt attention to my needs. The blouse is perfect! Thanks again!

Jo Keah Teague - Alexandria, Virginia

Thank you for your quick response to my order. You saved me just in time for Regionals!

Brooke Lingle - Long Beach, California



Comments: Dance Spots


I want to really thank you for the Dance Spots. They are such a wonderful technique tool in perfecting a dancer's balance and placement. I also want to highly recommend the CD, "The Competing Highland Dancer " by Stuart Liddell for any and all dancers. This CD is wonderful for practices as well as performances when a piper is not available. ...What we really like about the CD, is that on the CD itself are the names of the pipe tunes. So when we do have a live piper, she can tell him exactly what tune to play for each dance. I really appreciate having you as our dance supplier of much needed and hard to find items.

— Janet Watson - Kent, OH

The girls have enjoyed the dance spots. We take them to competitions to practice the sword. Thanks for your help on the phone!

— M. Burlingame - Harvard, IL

At Roblyn Studio we use your dance spots. They are great for tiny tots. Our Fling is now a great success. Congratulations Highland-X-Press.

— Roblyn Dance Studios, Robert & Evelyn Clark - Scotland

Dance dots are a wonderful tool for dance class and for everyday practice. I gave one to each of my dancers & they love them!

— Christie J. Freestone- Alma, MI

The dance spots are a fantastic teaching/practice aide. What a great idea! Thank you for all your help. Highland dancing has needed you for a long time. I'm so glad I found you.

— Meagan Burgess - Fredricksburg, VA

Thank You! This is a great service to have in the US, as most companies are in Canada. The dance spots are wonderful. In addition to using them as play pizzas, they have really improved the positioning of Sarah's dancing!

Mary Beth Kester- Laurel, MD



Comments: Dance & Pipe Instructors

I have been dealing with Highland X Press for several years and have always been extremely pleased with the level of service. I order a lot of items in bulk - dance shoes, trunks, dance spots, etc.. and have always been pleased with the prompt delivery of items. Mary Beth is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I recommend the company to anyone who inquires about "Scottish items"...

— Nancy Strolle - Darien, IL

I like the variety of shoes. You are very knowledgeable about the products. A pleasure to work with!!

— Reuel Zielke - Milwaukee, WI

I can always depend on you for courtesy & service!

— Gladys MacDonald - Sarasota, FL

Good service means happy dancers which means happy teacher!!!

— Elizabeth Coyle - Spokane, WA

You're always kind and helpful to my students and I appreciate the catalogs and help with new parents! You're the best!!

— Elizabeth Ogilvy - Springfield, IL

Thank you for your continued great service to my students! With as many as I have, it is hard to answer all their questions and fulfill their costume needs, it is great to just be able to send them off to you and not have to worry !

— Wendy Fennell - Pittsburgh, PA

The first time I called Mary Beth remembered me from the Las Vegas conference. I have been really impressed with the prompt efficient service & it is great to have some dance friends on the other side of the world!

— Robyn Simmons - Belheim, New Zealand

Thank you so much for all your patience and help... getting fitted with a pair of shoes. The speed with which you sent each pair out was like bullets flying through the air. Many thanks.

— Cathy Caldwell - Ohio

First class service! Fast delivery Easy to order. Hassle free. Top quality merchandise at low prices. Keep up the good work.

Heather Millar, Highland Dance Teacher - Bo'ness, Scotland

I recently ordered the newly published Hornpipe/Jig book and a couple of CD's from Highland X Press and wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone how impressed I have been by the level of customer service provided by MB and company. Every order I have placed is treated as top priority and great care is taken to ensure that I'm satisfied with my purchase. Although unsolicited, I thought you might be interested as I feel that Highland X Press provides a valuable service to the Highland community in addition to dispensing excellent technical advice.

Tracey Fairlie - Knoxville, Tennessee

In complete confidence, I direct my students to order from Highland X Press. The staff does everything within their powers to achieve customer satisfaction. Promptness, courtesy, and helpfulness are greatly appreciated.

Thank you Highland X Press!

— Sandy Brown - St. Louis, MO

I am very pleased with the quality and prices of items I have purchased from Highland X Press and I will not hesitate to order for myself and my students in the future.

— Florence Hart - Minneapolis, MN

HXP has a very helpful & polite manner in dealing with their customers. I have had nothing but positive transactions with HXP and am impressed with their concern for the customers needs.

— Jon Hartsock, Pipe Major/Caledonian Pipe Band - Kansas City, MO

My dancers and I rely on the quality and variety of the merchandise you offer. Your customer service and knowledge of that merchandise makes ordering, even from the middle of the Pacific, easy. Mahalo, that's Hawaiian for thank you!

— Carol Brown - Pearl City, Hawaii

I have recommended Highland X Press to all my dancers primarily because of the excellent service and terrific prices..... Please keep up the good work!

— Kathleen Drummond - Rockaway, NJ

 We appreciate your kind and helpful service, everything is always shipped and received quickly, and always of outstanding quality!

— Nancy Haggard Davis - Akron, OH

"I really appreciate Mary Beth’s expertise when it comes to ordering supplies for dancing. Knowing that competition was important to her, makes me confident about the highest quality of shoes (particularly how to choose the right brand for each dancer’s foot), custom kilts, etc.., that my students need to meet the rising standards of today. The service is always very prompt and friendly."

— Mary Jo Rohrer Pung - Gurnee, IL

We have found the service at Highland X Press to be very quick and very helpful for ourselves and our students, especially in the purchase of dance shoes.

— Mary and Amy Beth Lillie - Essex Junction, VT

Service was great - everything arrived in perfect condition for traveling such a distance. Thank You.

Shelly Cassidy- Duncan, BC

 We appreciate your kind and helpful service, everything is always shipped and received quickly, and always of outstanding quality!

— Nancy Haggard Davis - Akron, OH

I always feel comfortable recommending a new student to Highland X Press knowing they'll get great service at a fair price. My advance students have had such great experiences in the past that they turn to Highland X Press first for all their dance needs.

— Mandy McCulloch - Denver, Colorado

The great thing about Highland X Press is the speed in which packages arrive and items are rarely out of stock or backordered.

— Cathie Gibbs - Oakdale, CT

I don't think I could say enough good things about Highland X Press and Mary Beth. I am truly thrilled to have found a supplier that I can count on, one that I can confidently pass on to my students knowing they'll receive the best service, price, and quality merchandise. Thank you.

— Mary Pitt - Columbus, OH

I can't say enough about the friendly fast turn around service. The new teacher shoes (Marcea) are great. I highly recommend them.

— Norine Harmon - San Jose, CA

I have had nothing but wonderful consideration from Highland X Press. I appreciate the extra time and concern given to my order.

— Lynne Eberz- E. Stroudsburg, PA

Your service is fast! All of my dancers have been happy!

— Gail Bacon - Lusby, MD

Highland X Press carries an excellent range of products for the dancer, all at excellent prices. The service is great too!

— Libby Dyer Lee - Leawood, KS

Your quick service and the quality of your products have made me a happy customer.

— Ann Rotella - Reedley, CA




Comments: Dancer/Piper/Drummer Prints and Statues


I recently received the Highland Piper statue that I ordered from your web page.  It was exactly what I was looking for!!  Many times it is hard to tell what items look like on a web page but after talking to your staff they assured me it was a beautiful statue They were right, the quality of the statue is impeccable and the price unbeatable.
  The statue is going to be placed on my little nephew's headstone since the last thing performed at his funeral was a lone piper playing Amazing Grace.  A fitting tribute as he was truly an amazing boy.  A picture is to follow.  Thank you for service and quality products. 

— Stephen Harris - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Calgary Highland Drummer print by Norma Siegle is just what I wanted as a gift for my brother who is a drummer in a Pipe Band located in Niagara Falls, New York. I know he will be as thrilled with it as I was, as the detail of this skilled artist is exceptional. I'm planning to also get the dancer prints for my guest bedroom, which is decorated as a "Scottish room" in honor of my parents who came from Scotland to the U.S.A. in the Twenties. All of my family and friends who visit us love to stay in that room, and I add various Scottish items from time to time. Thanks to you I'm always able to find something of interest at your Web Site..

— Violet McIntyre- Daytona Beach

I just got my set of the new dancer prints by Norma Siegle this weekend and they are absolutely wonderful! They are very lifelike and just beautiful!

— Joanna Campbell-Yukon, Oklahoma