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New Items

Last Updated:  7/25/16
Keep your eye on this page as we have MANY new items to post

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Highland Syllabus

June 2016 Edition
8 1/2" x 11" spiral bound book for amateur tests, grade examinations, and professional syllabus for Highland, & Scottish National
Current 2005 Highland Syllabus can be used until December 31, 2016.


Practice Swords

Stainless steel practice swords.
Hilt and 38" blade made of stainless steel. Super lightweight! Features one left hand sword and one right hand sword per set. Design and made in Canada.

*Introductory Special*

Regular Price

Sock Footies

This footie has sweet ballet straps and non-skid bottoms for extra grip! Available in white only. Microfiber Nylon, Spandex.
Available in size Small 7-8.5 (shoe size 9-1)
Medium 8-9.5 (shoe size 12-6)


Number Tacs

Number Tacs are Back!,
Number tacks allow you to securely fasten your competition number on straight and flat. No need to fumble with safety pins. Number tacs can also be used to attach Highland dickies and jabots. .

Set of 4

Uniform Knee-hi Socks

98% Nylon, 2% Spandex
White uniform Knee hi socks with cuff. Perfect for beginners or for practicing.
Available in size Small 7-8.5 (shoe size 9-1)
Medium 8-9.5 (shoe size 12-6)
Large 9-13 (shoe size 6-9) or XL 10-12 (shoe size 9-13)


3F Pewter
P.C. Buttons

Rampant Lion Design
Large 3/4"
Medium 9/16"
Small 1/2"


Small 3F Pewter
Thistle Buttons

Round lightweight Pewter - Thistle design. 5/8"
Slightly concave


3F Pewter
Flat Thistle Buttons

Round lightweight Pewter - Flat Thistle design. 3/4"


3F Pewter
Claddagh Buttons

Round lightweight Pewter - Large Claddagh design. 7/8"


7" Leather Buckle & Strap

Large 1 1/4" Leather strap with buckle measures 7" in length and already has guide holes for easier stitching.
High quality leather. Imported from Scotland


Tweed Gift Bag-

Perfect gift bag based on the popular Tweed handbags.
Approximately 13.5" x 10" and opens to 6"


Highland Dancer Tea Tray

Designed by Naomi Howarth
11x18 Highland Dancer Tea Tray
100% Melamine (Resin)

Additional $2.00 postage will be added to postage due to weight


Highland Dancer Sandwich Tray

Designed by Naomi Howarth
A smaller tray for sandwiches or cookies.


Piper Napkins

3 ply paper napkin. Pack of 20.
Front of napkin displays piper, back of napkin has the music notes and words to Scotland the Brave.
On the inside half of the napkin is another piper and with music and words to Amazing Grace.
(6 1/2" x 6 1/2")


Child's Black Waistcoat

Poly Viscose black waistcoat with square PC silver buttons.
Available in sizes 2yrs, 3yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs, 6yrs and 8yrs.
(Custom order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)


(front & back view)
Kilted Gift Bags

These handsome gift bags measure 14" in length by 5" wide.
Nice sturdy bags to hold heavy bottles or light gifts.


Petticoat Slips

White cotton/poly blend petticoat with elastic waist. Use as slip for National outfit or as practice skirt for class. Roll waistband to shorten to desired length or order custom length for $10 extra.

Adult Sizes: Small (waist 30-32"), Medium (waist 32-34"),
Large (waist 34-38")
Finished Length on all adult sizes -24".

Child Sizes: 6-8 (waist 22-24" length- 18"), 8-10 (waist 24-26" length- 20"), 10-12 (waist 26-28" length-22), 12-14 (waist 28-30 length- 24")


National Plaid

36" square plaid for dancers. Fringed ends with tapered corner for brooch fastening.
Choose from blue, red, purple, lavender, or burgundy tartans pictured.


Baby Kilt Hose Flashes

Hose flashes for babies and toddlers. Approx 1' wide by 3.5" long. Adjustable velcro/elastic top.
Choose from Black, Red, or Charcoal


Text Book
NEW 8th edition

The new 2015 (8th edition) SOBHD text book includes instructional information covering basic positions, movements, and steps for the Fling, Swords, Seann Triubhas, and Reels.
New book includes new steps and illustrations. The current 7th edition text book can be used until January 2017


Highland, National, & Hebridean Syllabus

Book includes 3 main sections:
(1) Syllabus for Highland exams (UKA)
(2) National Dances, Glossary of Movements & Awards-
Blue Bonnets, Earl, Flora, Lilt, Highland Laddie, Barracks, Village Maid, Scotch Measure.
(3) Hebridean Dances-
Flowers of Edinburgh, Tulloch Gorum, Over Water to Charlie, Hebridean Laddie
Also included is Syllabus for Hornpipe & Jig, Suggestions for Introductory Nationals & Uni-Ted, Regulated Grades, Professional Syllabus, and the dance Betty's Jig (in memory of Betty Pettigrew) .
Inside back cover has helpful notes to prepare for test and Dress Code.