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Customer Comments: Dance Supplies

Comments: Dance Supplies


Scottish Supplies in Albuquerque, NM aren't available east, excellent service, Never had an error in my order the 5 years I have been using your business-excellent music available for Scottish dancers-Mary B always can answer my questions your a "10" in my books. Keep up the good work. I never hesitate to recommend HXP to others!

— Molly DeNee - Albq, NM

It was great to have the expertise of a dance teacher and service was as quick as it was helpful. Thanks so much we'll never go anywhere else.

— Patricia Sherk - Thornton, CO

I just had to thank you for going the extra mile to make sure Sinead had her jig shoes for the spring concert. They arrived by May 1st, in time for Tracy's dress rehearsal. We appreciate the excellent service Highland X Press provides

— Jennifer Doherty - Knoxville, TN

The person I talked with over the phone was very helpful & flexible. I especially appreciated you guys being willing to send several different sizes of shoes. It was very helpful...

— Anne Stopoulos - Tacoma, WA

As a "new" mother of a Highland Dancer, I appreciate the knowledge and advice found on your website. My dancer loves to study, read, and make a "wish" list from the web site. Thank you so much!

— Ellen Miller - White House, TN

I want to thank you for being so attentive. I don't know how you got that braid and buttons to me so fast! ... You all are great!

— Marilyn Gilman- Lenior City, TN

The Red Thistle Scottish Country Dancing video came yesterday and I watched it last night.  I am so pleased with it as it is just what I wanted.  The method of showing the positioning of hands, arms and feet, and then the actual dance steps, was most helpful, proving once again that "a picture is worth a thousand words."   When the dances were shown, they were very easy to follow and the technique and expertise of the dancers would be most helpful to novice dancers as well as those who have been doing Scottish Country dancing for some time.

— Violet McIntyre - Florida

Very pleased! Most helpful to someone new to this. It is nice to have information that explains the difference in shoes brands) for different shaped feet.

— Lisa Bearden - Snellville, GA

I am an inexperienced Scottish Highland dance mother. I have found the staff of Highland X Press not only helpful but sympathetic to my plight of trying to understand the lingo but also finding the right outfits for my 2 daughters. This is the only place I will shop.

— Elizabeth Moore - Sewell, NJ

Highland X Press has been very helpful to the inexperienced dance parent. They have always taken the time to explain to me what is required vs recommended vs nice to have. I have recommended the company and web site many times.

— Rita Goerling - Laurel, MD

As a new dance Mom, buying the first pair of shoes was a bit intimidating. But Mary Beth made the whole process stress free. Thanks!

— Ivez M. Vits - Springfield, IL

Thank you for the excellent service. The goods arrived in perfect condition. I will be ordering more products soon!

— Jane McCarthy - Bundaberg , Australia

I called on a Wednesday, panicking because I needed a Highland dance blouse on Saturday. The woman I spoke with was very friendly, extremely helpful, and the blouse arrived at my door on Friday! I am so pleased with the level of customer service here and I'm sure I'll be back for more dance things in the future!

— Martha Phillips - Madison, WI

I love my new shoes! Thanks for sending both pairs and the extra catalogues.

— Florence Bunten - San Antonio, Texas

I was panicked about finding new shoes in time for my performance - you made it easy as can be - thanks!

— Romey Marah - New York, NY

I put a shoe order in to Mary Beth and she explained the foot tracing etc. My Highland shoes arrived in 3 days, perfect fit. I wore them that P.M. to do a dance performance. Thanks for caring! I look forward to another order soon. You're the best in the business.

— James Lomath - Century City, California

Thank you so much for all your patience and help... getting fitted with a pair of shoes. The speed with which you sent each pair out was like bullets flying through the air. Many thanks.

— Cathy Caldwell - Dayton, Ohio

First, you can't imagine what a relief it is to talk to a knowledgeable dancer/teacher on the phone about shoes. After many conversations with sales people who've never used the stuff, it's great to get real advice. Second: I had a somewhat complicated- as well as urgent - order, and Mary Beth really went out of her way to make sure my needs were met. You have a bunch of super - satisfied customers out here in Virginia. Keep lots of shoes on hand in the summer (as you are doing) because many other companies have run out and shoe shopping is a nightmare.

— Alison Murray - Charlottesville, VA

We are new to the world of Highland dancing and had no idea how to go about ordering shoes for my daughter, especially because her feet are two different sizes! Your attentiveness to our problem and willingness to send a variety of sizes and styles for my daughter to try is much appreciated!

— Wendy Sondov - St Louis, MO

Your used costume exchange has been a savior to me and my pocket book. I am not broke from purchasing all new items and now have more dollars to put towards dancing instruction and competitions. Bless you for making this available!

— Warring Cushing - Jacksonville, NC

" I really appreciate how willing MB has been to help me with my daughter's first dance competition, getting shoes, blouses.... I feel she has gone out of her way to help me and I really feel fortunate to have her in my town!"

— Mary Anne McDowell - Kansas City, MO

My daughter loves her shoes and they have given her a month or two of motivation to continue practicing.

— Peter Fritzell - East Lansing, MI

My daughter needed dance shoes within a few days of competition. I called Mary Beth and she rushed out several pairs in various sizes right away to ensure the proper size. She also personally called me with a source of someone who was selling a used outfit that we had been searching everywhere for! Thank you ... for all your personal attention!

— Vicky MacDonald - Farmington Hills, MI

Our group has purchased numerous items including instruction books, patterns, shoes, and rain capes. Dancers are fortunate to have a supplier that meets all of their needs. Thank you for providing such a complete line of products and thank you for sharing your love of dancing with the rest of us.

— Valerie Castanza - Montgomery, AL

Mary Beth has always been helpful, reliable, and easy to deal with. Unlike another Highland dance supplier I once ordered from, Highland X Press stands behind it's merchandise and delivers on it's promises.

— Susan Sinclair - Nashville, Tennessee
(Note: This customer also wrote asking us to supply Hullachan Pro shoes. These are not offered by HXP, but a supplier of these shoes can now be found on our pages of links)

Thank you for being so helpful and prompt with my order. My daughter had them in time for competition.

— Pam McGowan - Bricktown, NJ

Thank you for being so helpful with returns and determining sizes.

— Janet Sue Wallace - Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks for your quick turnaround on our dancing shoe order. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.

— David Montgomery - Troutman, NC

I was relieved to find a company that stocks ghillies in men's sizes at reasonable prices. Thank You!

Sandra Shulte - Chanhassen Dinner Theaters, MN