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Video Format Information Page
Listing NTSC and Pal Countries

Kids Anatomy
Coloring Book DVD

An anatomy book just for kids! Comes on a DVD so teacher can print out one or all 10 pdf illustrations and as many copies as needed. Each page has a drawing of a young dancer, with a muscle or muscle group identified. That muscle is also drawn separately in more detail on the page with a one sentence explanation. Illustrations include:
Turnout: These muscles rotate your leg
Quadriceps: These muscles lift your leg to the front,
Abdominals: These muscles keep your pelvis upright and square ,
Adductors: These inner thigh muscles need to stretch to do the side splits,
Soleus: This muscle stretches in demi plié. Remember to keep your heels down!
Gastrocnemius: This muscle points your foot and lifts you into a rélevé.
Abductors: These muscles take your leg to the side and keep you standing when on one leg.
Iliopsoas: Strength in this muscle is needed to lift the leg up high.
Deltoid: This muscle lifts your arm. Remember to keep your shoulders down!
Hamstrings: These muscles take your leg behind your body.


"Dancer's Body Workout"

By: Patricia Moreno
DANCER'S BODY WORKOUT focuses on mixing modern dance moves with cardiovascular exercise, while working major muscle groups, especially the abs and hips. Many moves involve twists and crouches, arms and leg muscles. High energetic beat soundtrack. Also includes a primer on how to perform the individual moves on a special 30-minute time-saver workout



NTSC (Canadian & US Format Only)
Color, Dolby Digital, Digital Stereo
1 hr 20 min
Strength and toning low-impact workout. Routines are performed at a medium pace to burn fat more efficiently than most high-energy workouts.
Routines include warm up, low impact segment, new body segment, upper body segment, heart rate checks, cool down, and stretching session.
Bonus Section: Stretch & Flex II, a stretch program tol improve strength and flexibility, and also help avoid injury and lower back pain




Video Format Information Page
Listing NTSC and Pal Countries

Power Up

(click to view full cover)

Designed by Certified Athletic Trainer Bill Weaver and demonstrated by World Champion David Wilton

This great DVD is for the Highland Dancer who wishes to improve their stamina, strength and overall quality of dance, “Power UP” is the perfect training program that incorporates exercises that specifically target the muscles that a Highland Dancer needs to excel. The program is divided into six weeks, with each exercise demonstrated and explained in depth to ensure that the proper technique is used. “Power UP” is an excellent program that will improve the strength and quality of any dancer!


Advanced Highland Technique
Volumes 1 & 2 Set
by Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson

Volume 1 focuses on the 4 main Highland Dances (Fling, Swords, ST, Reel)
Dances are broken down step-by-step and then movement-by-movement with the dancers demonstrating ‘good technique’ accompanied by a technical commentary. Steps and movements are demonstrated by Gemma Baillie and 2004 Junior World Champion Rachel McLean.
Volume 2 is the companion to DVD 1 and contains detailed demonstrations of the steps & movements not included in DVD 1 to provide a comprehensive visual library of nearly all of the technique used in Highland competition today. Steps and movements are expertly demonstrated by Deryck, Gareth & Gemma Baillie together with World Champions Rachel McLean & Tony Cargill


Advanced Highland Technique
Volume 4: National Dances

by Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson
This DVD focuses on the 8 competition National dances.Includes introductions, endings, breaks, movements, and steps as well as most of the variations from the current UKA, BATD & SDTA publications. The dances are broken down step-by- step and then movement-by-movement with the dancers demonstrating ‘good technique’ accompanied by a technical commentary.
Steps and movements demonstrated by World Champions Rachel McLean & Gareth Mitchelson. Dances Include: Barracks Johnnie, Highland Laddie, Flora, Lilt, Blue Bonnets, Scotch Measure, Village maid, & Earl of Errol
Available in Both NTSC and PAL format

NTSC or PAL Format

"Advanced Highland Technique Series Volume 3"
Sailors Hornpipe & Irish Jig

by Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson
Covers: movements, steps, breaks, introductions & endings
Male and female styles for each Jig step, introduction and ending are shown separately. Steps and movements are described and demonstrated by Deryck and Gareth and by 2004 Junior World Champion Rachel McLean.
Only available in DVD format.

US/Canada NTSC format only.

NTSC or PAL Format



Video Format Information Page
Listing NTSC and Pal Countries

DVD & CD Set
The Occasionals
"The Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances"

The complete learner's kit, but great for the experts too! Freeland Barbour (Accordion, midi bass & piano), Kevin MacLeod (Banjo, mandolin & tenor guitar), Ian Hardie (Fiddle), Gus Millar (Drums). Set Includes:
1) Audio CD: 12 tracks of music for the 12 most popular Scottish ceilidh dances plus written dance instructions. (the CD also has 4 great bonus tracks).
Audio CD tracks: * Alex & Hazel Barbour * Tinker's Horse * Nineteenth Century Set * American Set * Old Victoria * Dashing White Sergeant * Soor Milk Cairt * Wild Colonial Boy * Lake Louise * Soldier's Dance * John MacDonald * Old Favourites Plus Bonus Tracks: The Friendly Waltz, The Russian Ballet, The Full Set Polka, The Orkney Eva Three Step
(2) DVD (double sided PAL & NTSC formats to play all over the world): Filmed dance demonstrations for all of the 12 dances plus a 1 hour documentary about the Occasionals.
DVD tracks: * The Gay Gordons * The Highland Schottische * . The Eva Three Step * The Virginia Reel * .St. Bernard's Waltz * Dashing White Sergeant * The Military Two Step * The Pride of Erin Waltz * The Britannia Two Step * Strip The Willow * The Canadian Barn Dance * The Eightsome Reel


"Simply The Best Scottish Country Dance Album"

NTSC (Canadian & US Format Only)
Jim MacLeod and his band perform many top Scottish favorites with this country dance album perfect for parties. With over 40 years professional experience, who better to perform such tracks as "Miss Allison, "A Tune for Donald," "Dashing White Sergeant," "Miss Barbara," and more.
DVD also serves as a how-to dance instruction program, with illustrated dance moves including Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn, the Eightsome Reel, and Gay Gordons




Video Format Information Page
Listing NTSC and Pal Countries

Edinburgh Tattoo

DVD Format Only
Tunes of Glory celebrates the 67th production of the Royal Military Tattoo set against the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. 1,200 performers from all over the world came together to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's 90th year. Acts from Australia, Canada, Jordan, Nepal, New Zealand and Norway joined forces to rejoice in the rich history of military music and the relationship between monarchies and their armed forces.



NTSC (Canadian & US Format Only)
Color, Dolby Digital, Menu Language English, Full Screen
In a mighty attempt to crush the Scots, King Edward II placed himself at the head of the invasion of Scotland. In their desperate hour of need came Scotland’s greatest medieval king, Robert “The Bruce.” The two forces would meet at a small stream, Bannockburn, for the thunderous battle that would decide the fate of a nation. With extensive original footage filmed in and around Stirling Castle, this program provides a unique record of the most celebrated victory in Scotland’s history.


Celtic Women

117 minutes
Directed by David Downes (Musical Director/ "Riverdance)
Recorded live at the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland. "Celtic Woman" is a stage show highlighting the talents of five stunning artists - vocalists:
Chloe, Meav and Lisa, vocalist/harpist Orla and fiddler Mairead.
Set against a live orchestra, the women present rousing renditions of Enya's "Orinoco Flow," Clannad's "Theme from Harry's Game," Ennio Morricone's "Nella Fantasia" and more. Includes Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound option and interviews with the five women and Downes.




Video Format Information Page
Listing NTSC and Pal Countries

Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

Running Time: 1hr 50 minutes
REWIND:REPLAY showcases the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band (6 time World Champions) performing live at their "RE:CHARGED" concert. The DVD gives a great insight into how the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band started from humble beginnings to go on and win the World Pipe Band Championships. Has interviews from Pipe Major Richard Parkes MBE, Lead Drummer Keith Orr, Former Lead Drummer Gordon Parkes, President Billy Maxwell and former members.
DVD also presents concert sets not captured on the CD which won’t have been seen or heard since they were performed live in August, 2007. Piping Centre says... this is a DVD not to be missed.
Programme: 1. Introduction; 2. MacLeod of Mull; 3 The Sandpiper Set; 4. Big Duncan's Reels; 5. Tag Team; The Winnepeg Forger Set; 7. The Highland Wedding Set; 8. Cliffs of Doneen Medley; The Fiddlers Ralley Medley; 10. Chasing Shadows; 11. Ryan Canning Solo; 12. Arsen's Revolution Medley; 13. Donald MacLeod Tribute; 14. Drum Salute; 15. The Cameronian Rant Jig Set; 16. Andrew Carlisle Solo; 17. Ruth Grant Set; 18. Double F Dilemna Set.