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Footwear Sizing Guide

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Shoe Order Help

When ordering shoes for the first time it is highly recommended to either email (pdf), fax, or mail us a tracing of your foot. All shoes are imported from Scotland, and there is no true guide saying that if you wear an American 6, you will take a UK 3. There are many factors involved such as shape of foot, width, toe line, and shoe brand. In addition, each shoe brand is sized differently, so be careful on what size you order when changing styles.

When tracing your foot be sure to stand with full weight and trace a true outline. Do not tilt pen at an angle. Keep straight up and down. This allows us to see where the leather will stretch to form your foot. If faxing or emailing, BE SURE TO WRITE THE LENGTH AND WIDTH on your drawing so we can check for any distortion. A 1/4" can make a big difference! If you are unable to supply a trace, we can attempt to size your foot using only measurements. Please keep in mind that this is not as accurate as a trace, and neither are full proof. Ordering shoes for the first time can be frustrating and may require a couple of shipments. We will do our very best to help you find the best fit the first time.

View Trace Example

For dancers who are in between sizes 13 child and size 1:
In all brands of shoes there is a huge jump between these two sizes. Because shoe brands are sized differently, many times a dancer may have to change shoe style to get that “in between” fit.

Which shoes to order?
This is an individual preference and depends on the shape of your foot, toe line, and comfort. Some teachers may prefer one brand over another, so please check with your instructor. Please inform us if you are a Country or Highland dancer. Country dancers prefer a more loose fit over Highland dancers who require a tighter fit. If you are a Country dancer and plan to wear a shoe insert, please inform us at time of ordering.
We do not carry split sole dance shoes. All of the brands we carry have a full chrome leather sole. Also keep in mind that each brand runs in different sizes.
Here are a few guidelines regarding the various brands of shoes.


Gandolfi shoes are made of high quality black leather with black stitching, black eyelets, and white chrome soles. These have a more pointed toe line and seem to fit dancers with an angled toe line the best. Suitable for dancers with average to wide foot width and tend to get wider as size increases, so these are not recommended for a large narrow foot. Available in whole and half sizes ranging from Infant size 7 to Adult size 13.

James Senior Strathspey shoes are made of black leather with red stitching, have red eyelets, white chrome soles, and have a rounded toe line. There is an extra eyelet by the ankle for extra support, and have a bit shorter heel vamp. Dancers with a rounded or slightly angled toe line seem to fit best in these. Available in whole sizes in Infant 10 to 12 and whole and half sizes in Child’s 13 to Adult 10.

James Senior Braemar shoes are all black with black stitching, black eyelets with extra eyelet by ankle, and black chrome leather sole. Perfect for country dancers and those with wide feet. There is no seam down the toe vamp like other brands, and are very popular with male dancers. Preferred by Country dancers because they are made with right and left feet (unlike others made on a straight last) which are more comfortable when standing during sets. Black is the only color kept in stock, but we can special order red, royal blue, green or white. A 50% non-refundable deposit required for all custom orders. Available in whole and half sizes in Adult sizes 2 – Adult 13.

James Senior Highland Fling shoe combines the look of the Strathspey and Highlander (discontinued) shoe styles. Made on a straight last with rounded toe line, white chrome leather soles, white stitching with white eyelets including extra eyelet by the ankle. There is no front toe loop like Highlanders which gives the dancer a more open and elongated look. Recommended for dancers with slightly angled or rounded toe line and narrow-average foot width. Shoe sizing runs the same as Strathspey. Available in whole and half sizes in Child size 13 to Adult 7.

James Senior Lothian shoes are black leather with black stitching, black eyelets with extra eyelet by the ankle, white chrome soles, and an angled toe line. These are similar to the Cameron brand (now discontinued) and are recommended for dancers with narrow feet. Available in sizes 1 ˝ to Adult 8.

Dancewear made by Dancewear of Edinburgh are made of high quality black leather with red stitching, red eyelets with extra eyelet by ankle, white chrome soles, and are made with a shallow line along ankle to help provide a better point. Available only in whole sizes in Infant 10 to 12 and whole and half sizes in Child’s 13 to Adult 8. Very similar to Strathspey shoes but are made of a softer leather and have a more slightly angled toe line.

Caledonian is a new economic dance shoe perfect for the beginner dancer! Shoes are made from soft black leather, have black stitching, white eyelets with extra eyelet by the ankle, and white chrome soles. The toe vamp is slightly longer (1/8") than other brands and is rounded which best suits dancers with a rounded or slightly angled toe line with normal to long toes. Shoes tend to stretch a bit more than other brands so be sure to get a tight fit. Recommended for dancers with a slightly angled or rounded toe line, average-wide foot width and normal to long toes. Suggest ordering 1/2 size smaller than Gandolfi or 1 size smaller than James Senior Strathspey. Available in whole and half sizes in Child’s 10 – Adult 8. (Note: These are not a high quality dance shoe and may not last like other brands. Shoes come laced, so do not worry about unlacing these before you return.)


When putting the shoes on:

First push your toes well into the toe vamp as far as possible. This is the area that you will want to stretch the most, not the heel area! With foot arched then pull the heel up. A good rule of thumb: "If they slip on too easily, they are too big!" Most teachers prefer a tight fit, but your toes should not be curled under nor should the shoes be extremely uncomfortable. They may be slightly uncomfortable at first. When dancers complain shoes are uncomfortable, more often than not it can be resolved with a pair of toenail clippers and doesn't require a new pair of shoes.

As with all shoes, finding the pair that is "right" for you is an individual preference. Please note that the above observations are those of Highland X Press and may not be true for all dancers.


  • Shoes may be returned for a refund or exchange within 14 days as long as they have not been worn or soiled. We cannot accept shoes back if they have been worn, soiled, or are stretched out. If you are unable to meet the 14 day deadline, simply request an extension. Be sure to have your teacher inspect the shoes on your feet before returning.
  • Shoes will begin to stretch after only wearing 10-20 minutes.
  • We will send out extra shoes at no extra charge to customers in good standing. If you have received extra shoes, these need to be returned within 14 days. Please help maintain this policy so we can continue to offer this service. If you are unable to return in this time frame, simply give us a call so we are aware of the delay. Shoes returned after this time without notification are subject to 10% restocking fee.
  • Return shipping of extra shoes is customer’s responsibility. There is no need to ship via priority mail. You may mail returns back the cheapest way. Call for UPS or FedEx shipping address if you plan to ship this method.
  • A minimum postage charge of $3.50/airmail or $6.00/priority is required for exchanges. Be sure to specify which method to ship. If not specified, exchanges will be shipped priority mail.
  • Please make sure that shoes are returned in the same condition as received. We cannot accept shoes back if they have been worn, soiled, or are stretched out. Shoes should be returned in their plastic bag with laces tucked inside shoes or wrapped as they are received. Caledonian shoes do not come with a bag.


The following charges will be added for improper returns.

Plastic shoe bag missing: $1.00

Shoes returned laced: $1.00