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The doublets are available in a variety of styles. The most common trade names, at least in my experience, are as follows: The Montrose doublet is double-breasted, the Kenmore doublet is single-breasted, and the Sheriffmuir doublet is cutaway in the front. To be more specific, the Sheriffmuir fastens at the neck and then is open to the waist with buttons down each side. The Montrose typically has no tails or flaps. The Kenmore is seen both with and without flaps and tails, and the Sheriffmuir most always has them.

Doublets can be made in almost any color, including tartan. The most common color I have seen other than black is dark green. Also, they may be made of velvet if desired.

The high collar is designed to be worn with a jabot if desired. The "Kenmore" doublet, for instance, can be worn with or without, due to its military origins. The only time a jabot would be required is if the collar is designed in such a way that the jacket wouldn't look right without one.

An evening belt is required by necessity for doublets. It is worn over the bottom of the jacket except on the Sheriffmuir doublet, in which case it is worn under the jacket, the buckle being visable through the opening in the front of the jacket.

The other style of doublet is the "Regulation" doublet. This is essentially a military version of the Prince Charlie jacket, and has tails and flaps like a piper's tunic. When worn as a full-dress doublet, it is worn with white tie and vest. However, I have only seen this style worn in lieu of a Prince Charlie with black tie. In fact, this is also how I have seen them advertised.