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Dancing Out

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Choreographed Dances

Argyll Broadswords

Celebration Eightsome

Clumsy Lover

Dancer's Delight

Flower of Scotland

Four Hand Reel

Honour the Piper

King of Sweden

Lassies of Kyle

Louden Lassies

MacLean Hornpipe

Soft Shoe Reel

Symphony of the Seas

The Dark Isle

The First of August

The flowers of Edinburgh

Thistle Down Polka


Waltz Clog

Grand Chain

Section 2 - Old Favorites

Argyll Broadswords

Blue Bonnets

Double Swords

Flora in Square Formation

Highland Laddie

Sailor's Hornpipe

Seann Truibhas

Seann Truibhas & Swords

Strathspey & Highland Reel